Tuesday, June 21, 2011


It has been entirely too long since I have made any entries into my blog.  Don't worry, I have a list of stories.  Let's just say that Brooks and Adlyn have been very busy this past month.

I have been pre-occupied at work, and just completed a huge project that has consumed every minute of my life.  We hosted a large event on our campus and thanks to my co-workers, we developed an awesome and well organized event!  I have also been teaching nine students about the event planning industry for the past few months, and they did a great job during the Summit.  I can't commend our team enough! 

Unfortunately, Zach has had to step in and watch the kids even more than he already does so that I could get this event put together.  Although the event was awesome, Zach and kids are the ones that suffer.  I'm happy that the event is done and to be able to spend more time at home.  (I have to say, I have an awesome husband!  He suprised me with an hour massage at the spa the day after the event!  WOW!  That was so nice of him!)  I'm also glad that my students graduate July 6! 

I wanted to share a few pictures of our two-day event.  The photos are from the evening dinner where we had two hours to flip the room from a standard conference dining area to an elegant atmosphere with beautiful linens, table decor, and food prepared by the culinary students from Jackson Hole.  Let's just say it was awesome! 

You'll find me at the bottom left, alongside my
co-workers, culinary students, event planning
and mangement students, and the kitchen
crew from the college.  All of us were serving the
food, clearing plates, and much more!
We are definately not skilled wait staff, but we tried!

We had seating for 256 people!

Yummy food!

More food!  Unfortunately, the guests consumed most
of the food and we didn't have a lot to pick from!

One of my students cut these logs and drilled holes
in them for the candles.  We topped it off with
some wooden paddles and river rock
to complete the theme.

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