Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ransacked Car

I walked out to my car one May morning to go to work.  Hmmm, the windows are partway down.  That is strange, usually my windows are up.  I open my car down and my heart begins to race!  My first thought, my car must have been broken into!  I immediately begin to sort through the various items on the passenger seat.  Items from the glove box are scattered.  I tried to make a mental note of items that were stored there, and what might be missing.  I begin to settle down as I thought if I were a car thief I would have taken item x, y, and z, and those items are still here.  My heart begins to settle into its normal pace. 

I go back into the house and ask Zach if the twins have been playing in the car.  He thought that yesterday they may have done that, he couldn't remember exactly. 

Mystery solved.  My car was not ransacked by a teenage neighbor kid on the way to life in prison in 10 years, it was just Brooks and Adlyn who are sleeping like little angels in their bedroom.  Geesh, give you mom a heart attack! 

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