Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Rubber Ducky is Saved

Zach finds the source of our problem!

Above you will see the prized photo of a rubber duck, and the smiling dad who found it!  Let me give you some background...

For about a week, the toilet has been kind of plugged up.  Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't.  We plunged it with as much force as we could, but it didn't solve anything.  I came home from work one night, and had enough.  I called our trusty neighbors for a plumber referral.  But, they didn't really know of a good one.

We decided to take matters into our own hands.  The next day I went to Ace Hardware to get a toilet flange.  I didn't even know what I was looking for, except that I'd find it in the plumbing aisle.  Luckily an old man noticed I was blonde and helped me find what I was looking for.  I also got a lengthy lecture (repeated about three times) about how to remove a toilet from the base, and how to reinstall it.  Ok, I've had enough.  Let me pay my $10 and I'll figure it out. 

I got home from work and Zach had the toilet off the base.  He needed help carrying it out to the back deck.  Yes, we took the toilet out to the back deck.  We needed to tip it over to find the source of our problem.  We drained the toilet.  I reached from the bottom.  I reached from the top.  Nothing.  We ran water from the garden hose and we knew something had to be in there. 

I went to our trusty neighbor's house and borrowed their snake (also a plumbing tool, you all know I wouldn't dare touch or look at a real snake!).  Tah dah!  That was enough to dislodge it slightly to where we could reach it from the top.  All along, we were trying to guess what toy might be hidden.  My thought was a train, Zach had guessed a Little People toy from Noah's Ark.  We were both wrong.  It was a blue rubber ducky. 

We asked Brooks and Adlyn who did it.  They both fessed up to the crime.  Or, maybe they were covering for each other because they know it is hard for mom to punish just one of them. 

I gave them a little pep talk about what can go in the toilet.  Poop, pee, and toilet paper.  No exceptions.  What is it with our twins and the toilet?  I swear we have more disasters than anyone else I know. 

The rubber ducky has a new home, up on the rafters on our deck, high enough for Zahc and I to see.  A little reminder of our mishap, and a reason to smile upon leaving the house.

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