Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Annabelle, Where are you Going?

When I was in elementary school, we would sing "Annabelle, Where are you Going?".  The words have stuck with me as some of my friends at the time called me Annabelle, so I heard the song a lot.  As a tall, skinny kid, the lyrics fit well.

The other night, I sang it to Brooks and Adlyn before bed.  They thought it was funny, and have asked me to sing in 10+ times before they go to bed.  They are learning many of the words and hopefully they will be able to sing a song before long.

I did a quick Google search to find the actual lyrics before I posted this.  To my surprise, I found many variations, none of which are a perfect match to the ones that I know.  Oddly, the name is different as well!  Instead of Annabelle, I came across Alice, Gladys, Ellie Mae, and many others. 

Annabelle, Where are You Going?
Annabelle, where are you going?
Upstairs, to take a bath.
Your legs, are like two toothpicks.
Your neck, like a giraffe.
Annabelle, stepped in the water,
To pull, the stopper out.
Oh my goodness, oh my soul,
There goes Annabelle down that hole.
Annabelle, Annabelle,


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  2. We used to sing this exact same version which is more upbeat than the Alice version. I went to Perrine Elementary in Miami, Fla.

  3. I went to School in Baytown Tx and we used to sing this same version as well.

  4. Is their any. youtube version i sang same song phx az

  5. It actually goes...
    Annabelle, Where are you going?
    Upstairs to take a bath
    Annabelle had legs like toothpicks
    and a long skinny neck like a giraffe
    Annabelle stepped in the bathtub
    Annabelle pulled out the plug
    Oh my goodness! Oh my soul!
    There goes Annabelle down that hole!
    Annabelle?! Annabelle?!
    Gurgle gurgle

    1. I know Dari Sturgs version and I'm from Miami Florida

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  7. I know the version posted by Anne, and I went to Upson-Lee South Elementary School in Thomaston, GA.

  8. My version, sung to me over and over when I was a skinny child, often by family members, friends and neighbors, sometimes standing in a circle around me (trying to give you a mental picture here ☺), went like this:

    Annabelle, where are you going?
    Upstairs to take a bath.
    Annabelle, with legs like toothpicks,
    And a neck like a giraffe.
    Annabelle stepped in the bathtub.
    Annabelle pulled out the plug.
    Oh my goodness! Bless my soul!
    There goes Annabelle down that hole!

    I like the glug, glug, ending, though! lol

    But does ANYONE actually know where this song came from?

  9. Also...what is the Alice version?