Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dear Adlyn, Please Go to Bed

Last night was a long if Adlyn was an infant again.  I was ready for bed around midnight, and between midnight and 3 AM, Adlyn was up a total of ten times.  I'm not making up the number, I was counting each and every time...  Typically she sleeps all night.  She would get up and tell me she had to go to the bathroom, then back to bed, then needed a drink, and then back to the bathroom.  It was nuts.  I was exhausted, and I think she had to of been tired, too!  She never cried and she wasn't in a bad mood.  Who knows.

I don't think she was sick, but maybe her tummy hurt.  The tenth time she was up, I gave her a Tums, which she didn't eat all of, gave her some water, and rubbed her belly.  It worked, as she slept from 3 AM-9 AM straight.  So much for my plan to go to the gym at 6:30 this morning. 

She woke up happy, came into the room, and said, "Morning."  It was pretty cute.  Please Adlyn, go to bed tonight and sleep all night.  I'm glad today wasn't a work day.

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