Sunday, July 24, 2011


This month we made a fire in the backyard and cooked up some s'mores.  Brooks and Adlyn had a lot of fun, and really enjoyed it.  I think this is one of the first times we've made s'mores with them.  My mom had brought up some giant marshmallows earlier this month, so we put them to the test.  They were really big, and stayed raw in the middle after toasting the outside.  I think I'd stick with the regular marshmallows.  The kids enjoyed the fire, and poking it with a big stick.  Brooks was tossing his marshes in the sky, and both of them did not like their face and hands to be sticky. 

Last night our friends Amy and Chad were in the area.  We went to their camp site and made s'mores.  Amy had the latest invention when it came to marshmallows, they were a flat, stackable marshmallow, and I have to say, it was clever!  I would buy these!

Brooks is showing us his giant marsh!
The gang is ready to roast!

I like Adlyn's big smile in this pic!

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