Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Outdoor Adventures

Twice during July we have went up the Loop Road to explore the outdoors with the kids.  I wanted to share a few pictures and stories form our trips.

Girl Overboard
Towards the beginning of July, we took the canoe up to the lake and spent some time on the water.  Last year the kids went canoeing and had a blast, so we figured this year would be the same.  At 2 1/2, they are a little more mobile.  To make a long story short, Brooks bumped Adlyn on accident while trying to climb over the center bar on the canoe and Adlyn took a head dive into the lake.  She was completely submerged and Zach pulled her out by her foot.  Poor girl, that mountain lake water in July is freezing cold.  Once Zach got her out, she was frozen for a short while.  I think she held her breath because she never gagged on any water.  We got her to shore to dry her off.  I brought a spare pair of pants, but not a spare shirt.  So, in the photo below you'll see her wearing my hot pink shirt to keep her warm.  Luckily there was an old towel in the truck under the seat that I could use to warm her up.  Next time I'll be more prepared.  She still tells us today that she went "boom" into the water. 

Zach and Brooks tried catching a fish after that from the bank without any luck.  Brooks had a blast fishing, and knew just how to reel it in.  Here is a link to a cute video of Brooks fishing. 

Brooks fishing with Dad

Adlyn & Dad fishing

Brooks hiding from the camera
Adlyn drying off

Tower Hike
This past weekend we took the kids for a hike to the fire lookout tower.  We also did this hike last year and took some similar photos to share with the kids someday.  The hike is about a half mile, but it took us a good 30 minutes with the kids.  They were not in the hiking mindset and Adlyn was grumpy.  They did so good with their hike the week prior that I didn't bring the kid backpack.  I should have this time.

We got to the tower and then they started to have fun.  Brooks enjoyed his time and Adlyn improved her mood with the hike down the steps.  We stopped at the same log as we did last year to take some pictures (see below).  The trip was completed with a stop at a lake on the way back to town and Brooks ran through the water and was having fun.  We are so lucky to have all of these opportunities in our own backyard.   

Brooks & Dad looking at the mountains

Adlyn and Mom going down the tower steps

Adlyn giving Brooks a kiss

Brooks & Adlyn at the same location in 2010

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