Sunday, August 21, 2011

Little, Tiny, Big, Huge!

Brooks has been so cute lately!  He makes me smile!  If something is small, it is "little, tiny".  And not just any "little, tiny", but rather "little, tiny" said in a small, higher pitched, itty-bitty voice.  It is really cute.  For example, this week we saw a baby in a car seat at the park and he referred to it as a "little-tiny baby".  I love it when he says this phrase.

On the opposite side, he also has a "big, huge" phrase that he has been using lately.  If he refers to something as "big, huge" it is said in a deeper, drawn out, very expressive voice! 

It is neat to see the animation in his voice and facial expression when using words.  I need to record this on video, because I know he won't say it like this forever!

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