Friday, August 26, 2011

Gummy Roars and Teddy Roars

We currently have a container of gummy bears in the bathroom as a reward for going potty.  Adlyn doesn't need an incentive, but she really likes gummy roars.  She doesn't say gummy bear.  At two years old, she prefers the red gummy bears, and doesn't like the white or yellow ones.  (That is ok with me, I will gladly eat them!)  She knows that I don't mind sneaking a gummy bear, or two, while she gets one.  Now she picks out a gummy roar for me and hands it over.  Very nice!  And she has very good manners and hands me one of her favorites, red.

She also likes to snuggle with a big teddy roar.  Someday she'll say bear, but until that time, it makes me laugh.

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