Sunday, August 21, 2011

Perhaps They Will Be Best Friends...

Brooks and Adlyn were being so nice to each other tonight!  I was amazed, and wished I would have had a camera to capture the moments.

I took the kids for a run tonight in the stroller, and we stopped at the Blue Park to play.  Just so you know, the Blue Park is the one with the blue slides, and their other favorite place is the Green Park with green slides.  This is how they have distinguished the two places, and it is helpful for me to know where they want to go and what they are referring to.  Upon arrival, they played on the swings, climbed up the 'pipe' (which reminds me of the rescue shaft to save the Chilean miners), climbed up the fake rock cliff, and went down the slides.  They were being very nice to each other, and were very helpful catching each other on the slides, and much more.  Both of them were asking me to play with them on the slides, and Adlyn wanted to sit on my lap.  This seemed odd, she never sits on my lap to go down the slide.  Oh well, I just went with it.  A little while later, Adlyn wanted to sit on Brooks's lap.  It was really cute!  I had to go up to the top of the really steep slide to help Brooks move forward farther so he could slide down with Adlyn on his lap.  They both were laughing and having a good time.  They did that a few more times.  I wish I could have taken a picture of it, as they have never done anything like that before. 

Towards the end of our time at the park, they both wanted to swing with me.  Adlyn faced me and held on to the chains, and Brooks sat near my knees and also held on to the chains.  It worked pretty well, and all three of us were swinging together.  It did require some strong ab muscles, as the swings are really low to the ground and I couldn't use my feet to push us back and forth. 

On our walk home, Brooks and Adlyn were giving each other kisses, and tonight before bed, they also gave each other a few kisses. 

Perhaps they truly love eachother!  I hope this is a new trend that is here to stay!  It will be much better than Adlyn biting Brooks on the back (which she has done twice in the past week) or pushing him in the back without him knowing it is coming.  I'm looking forward to peaceful days between the two of them, and a bond that will last a lifetime.  Even though they are two, I hope they go to the same college together so they can remain close friends.  And even though Kindergarten is a few years away, I really want them to be in the same class together.  Time will tell...

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