Monday, August 15, 2011

Birthday Ideas

We were eating dinner together the other night, and I was telling the kids that I couldn't wait for it to be their birthday.  I found some recipes in a Paula Deen magazine for Whoopie Pies - and I thought this would be a fun alternative to cupcakes.  They were mix and match recipes, with four different fillings.  This will be a fun, interactive, thing to do for their special day...even though it is four months away.  I can't wait!  (Can you tell I like to cook?)

Then I told Brooks and Adlyn that Dad's birthday is coming up next, in two months.  I posed the question, what should we get Dad for his birthday?  Brooks immediately responded with, "Spankin'." 

What a cute little kid!  He knows he is being funny, and he was so quick to respond!

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