Friday, August 26, 2011

Sorting Clothes

Does anyone else think that it is sad to clean out the clothes drawers of your kids?  I do!  This week I went through Brooks's shirts and pants.  Seeing everything that he wore last winter is kind of sad!  You hold it up and realize there is no way this would fit him.  All of the 2T winter shirts seem too short, and he has grown so much taller and the 2T pants would not be long enough. I'm glad that we can pass along our boy clothes to our nephew Andrew.  It makes it a little easier to pull out one of the favorites if you know it is going to someone else that will enjoy it.  I saw the shirt Brooks wore for her 2nd birthday, and all I could think was that his 3rd birthday will be here before we know it.  Both grandmas have been sending winter clothes, and the kids love getting packages in the mail.  They like to go through each clothing item and later on, they remember which items came from grandma!

I still need to go through Adlyn's clothes, but I love having boxes of hand-me-downs from our niece Avery.  There is nothing better than opening of box of cute, gently used clothes!  It is so easy!  No shopping required. 

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