Friday, August 26, 2011


1.   Psyched past participle, past tense of psych
Verb: Mentally prepare (someone) for a testing task or occasion.

I know this sounds strange, but at two years old, Brooks has demonstrated being psyched!  Our kids have no fear of jumping from high objects.  They started this from a young age, and it has continued.  It started with them jumping from a bed, and then the bathroom countertops (ours are higher than a standard countertop), and now they jump from the tail gate of Zach's tall pick up.  Before he jumps from one of his higher heights, he gets psyched for about 10 seconds.  He grits his teeth, gets a big smile, breathes in deeply, lets out a giggle, tenses up his arms, rubs his hands, and...JUMPS!  He will tell us he wants to do it by himself, and refuses assistance. 

We haven't really had any injuries.  But at the rate we're going, I'm sure we'll be faced with a broken limb at some point in time.  Until then, I enjoy seeing Brooks get psyched!

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