Wednesday, August 3, 2011


For the past 9-12 months, Brooks and Adlyn have both used the term 'Conkie'.  It means something to them as it is used in a similar context in certain situations.  We've tried to ask them what it means, and they just give us a smirk.  It is a term in their language.  From what we gather, conkie means something along the lines of:
"Wait for me!"
"I'm coming, don't go yet."
"I'm not ready yet, wait!"
"I'm going."
"Take me with you!"

They say it when we are getting ready to go to the store, or to church. or downtown.  For a while, we thought it might mean car seat, they both start with the letter 'c'.  Maybe we'll figure out what it means at a later date!

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