Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hurdle, Turtle, Golf Ball, Meatball

Last Saturday, July 9, we went down to the local high school track to let the kids ride their bikes.  They got these really neat balance bikes a few weeks ago and are doing really well with them.  Brooks loves his bike and he is getting really good at it.  Adlyn likes it too, but I think the summer heat gets to her quickly and makes her thirsty and tired. 

We thought they would enjoy riding around the track, but rather they enjoyed riding in the parking lot, on the sidewalk, and up and down small ramps.  They enjoyed walking up to the top of the stadium stairs, and while we were all sitting on the top, we were trying to explain races to them.  Brooks noticed the straight-away portion on the track where people like up for the 100M and hurdles.  Zach explained why that portion of the track was there, and that it wasn't an end.  Adlyn looked up at me curiously when Zach said this is where the hurdles start their race.  Adlyn thought this is where the turtles start their race!  It was cute.

Later that afternoon, we were cooling off by drinking some milk and watching a golf tournament on tv.  The kids were sitting on our laps and they both noticed they were watching some form of ball.  Zach asked them what kind of ball they are playing.  It was quiet for a moment and Adlyn responded with "meatball".  No, no, silly...  Brooks chuckled and said golf ball. 

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