Sunday, July 10, 2011

Zoo Day

Brooks & Dad looking at the animals.

Brooks can't wait for the train any longer!

Adlyn is full of smiles!

Brooks and a buffalo.

Mom and Adlyn on the train.

We went to the zoo for the first time on June 28.  We thought going on a week day to Salt Lake Hogle Zoo would be a good idea.  Departure time was 7 AM to beat the forecasted heat.  Adlyn got up easily and was ready to go.  Brooks was grumpy since we woke him up early.  Once we got in the car, the roles were reversed.  Adlyn could not have been a bigger pain, and Brooks couldn't wait to get to the zoo.  I was about to pull my hair out as they were arguing over who got to sit in the back, who was in the middle, and when they could switch.  I can honestly say we must have stopped 15 times for someone to go to the bathroom.  Ugh!  Could this day be any worse?

Once we finally arrived, it couldn't have been better.  Everyone had a great time.  It was hot (nearly 100), but luckily the wind picked up in the afternoon to help cool us off.  They loved watching all of the animals, especially the tigers, turkeys, and monkeys.  The elephants were very exciting.  A two-year old elephant was being introduced to the water for the first time that day.  Brooks and Adlyn enjoyed watching it go into the water to eat red apples.  Grandma and cousin Christopher also joined us at the zoo.

The biggest highlight at the zoo wasn't an animal, but rather the train.  What should I expect?  Brooks and Adlyn loved it and went on it twice.  This was their first train ride.  They also had an opportunity to ride on a carousel for the first time, which was a big hit.  Adlyn chose to ride the turtle and Brooks selected the bear.

The zoo was also featuring a dinosaur animatronic exhibit.  They were huge, and scary.  It took a while to entice Brooks to walk past the large ones.  We took the stroller with us, and I don't think the kids ever sat in it.  The whole time they were walking, running, and having fun.   

We left the zoo at 4 PM, and Adlyn was asleep within one block, and Brooks was out before we hit the interstate.  Even though it was a blast, I've decided this is a once a year gig!


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