Sunday, September 18, 2011

Church Picnic

Last weekend we took part in the church picnic.  I took some photos of the kids playing, they were having such a great time.  They enjoy playing on the stair railing after church, and it was fun to capture it last weekend since I wouldn't typically bring a camera to church. 

I have to say, taking two kids to church is getting easier.  We had our fair share of stages when it was better to not take them at all.  Since the kids were born in the winter, I don't think it was until late spring that we even took them to church for the first time.  We were so freaked out they would get sick from being around other people that we basically stayed home.  The risk for RSV was high, and we couldn't take that chance.  Then I was scared to take two infants to church in the event that both of them would need to be held or fed.  At home I could handle that, but at church, that was a different story.  Our church isn't exactly kid-friendly.  Instead of smiles, you get glares when you kid makes a peep.  Once your kids can walk and crawl, it becomes challenging to get them to stay in the pew.

For the last few months, they have been great.  They look forward to going to church, and we can sit in the pew the entire time, with a few exceptions when someone needs to go to the bathroom.  Highlights of church for the kids are putting a dollar in the basket as it comes around, shaking people's hands, and going up to the front for communion.  Adlyn doesn't mind singing along with everyone.  And, if we sit near a family with an infant, even better.  They love little babies, and the distraction is perfect to get through an hour of church. 

Now, they are starting to sound like angels, but remember, we've had our fair share of difficulties.  One time this summer, a dad who attended church by himself said to me afterwards, "Your children were perfect, so well behaved."  I responded, "Thanks, I was shocked.  That was the first time in 2 1/2 years we didn't leave the pew once!"  He just happened to see us at the right time.  My biggest fear is one of the kids is going to ring the bell located right by the entrance.  They have a string hanging down on it that is at perfect eye-level for a toddler.  That would be embarrasing!  There was a time Adlyn chucked a toy a few pews ahead of us.  There was also a time that they were both being so bad, we just left...along with a few other families.  All of us parents decided it just wasn't a good day to bring kids to church.  There was also a time that Adlyn crawled under the pew and into another row.  She also fell off the pew and bonked her head and was crying, luckily it was towards the end, so I grabbed her and we left. 

Here are some pics from the kids playing at church.  It will be fun to look at these as they get older.
Stair railing.

Adlyn - Age 2 years, 9 months

Brooks was serious that day.

Go Huskers!

Adlyn & Cross

Brooks - Serious again

Adlyn looks to the sky

Brooks looks to the sky.

Brooks smiles!  He asks me to take a
photo of him sliding down the hill.

Adlyn rolls down the hill.

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