Friday, September 23, 2011

Football Game

Last Friday night, we took the kids to their first football game.  It was a success!

Not only did the team win, but the kids did great!

We found a seat at the very top corner of the bleachers - it was a packed with fans.  Zach took the kids to the concession stand to get some popcorn.  Two bags of popcorn kept two - two-year-olds completely occupied for two quarters.  They sat between us like angels and munched away at their popcorn and watched.  They loved every minute of it.  The seats were so full that there was not any wiggle room, or space to climb around.  They had no option but to sit in their space. 

Adlyn and I shared a popcorn, but I wasn't allowed to hold the bag.  This was Adlyn's responsibility, and luckily, she didn't drop it.  Brooks munched away at his.  Adlyn became sad after dropping a kernel near her feet.  She made me get it, and yes, she ate it.  She didn't want it to go to waste! 

It sprinkled just a little during the first quarter, but we stayed dry.  The lady in front of us took out a pink, lacy, shower curtain once she felt a few drops, poked her head between a loop near the top, and covered herself up, for the entire game.  I gathered she had a disability, but it was funny and she thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the game. 

Brooks enjoyed watching the kicker and the tackles.  They spotted the football 'team' and recognized the colors of the jerseys.  The fire truck and ambulance would turn on their lights after a touchdown, and that was very exciting.

At half time we watched the men's swim team run a lap around the track in their Speedos, next, the cheerleaders did a dance.  It was quite the half-time show! 

We also visited the mascot and shook his hand, that was very cool in the eyes of Brooks & Adlyn.  By the fourth quarter, they were getting tired and it was late.  We brought their milk, they snuggled in close, and kept warm with the blanket that we brought to sit on. 

Best of all, our team won, and we look forward to going to a local game again sometime...soon!

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