Friday, September 23, 2011

Social Media

At work this week, I coordinated a Social Media workshop.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to sit in on it since I had to prep for some other trainings I'm delivering next week.

I thought I would share a little bit about the topic...

So, I was a little late to join the Facebook craze, but signed up in April 2011, probably 5 years too late.  By then, I had started this blog, and it would be a good way for me to connect with some old friends, and maybe gain a few readers.

I really like the blogging world.  It is fun, and I like knowing that I am capturing all of the stories, phrases, and actions of Brooks and Adlyn.  I want to remember the details someday, and this is a great method to achieve it.  Surprisingly, I've had 1,200+ hits to the site since I started in March 2011.  I really didn't think anyone was looking at it!

As far as texting goes, I don't think I'll be going there.  I have it blocked on my phone.  I'm the only one in my office who doesn't, and I'm ok with that!  Maybe after seeing my college-aged brother-in-law being addicted to texting has turned me off.

I like seeing my husband's YouTube videos, they make me smile.  He puts in a lot of work to make them, and he really enjoys the process and production. 

This summer, while meeting with my friend Amy when she was camping nearby, a man spotted Zach and recognized him.  Do you know where he recognized him?  From YouTube!  Ugh, I rolled my eyes...and chuckled inside.  Who knew so many people watched Zach Even's hunting and fishing videos.  Two of his videos have 50,000+ views!  Geesh!  To me, that seems like a lot!

This winter when we were coming home from a snowmobile outing, long story short... we went into the ditch after partially hitting a construction grade ladder that was in the road.  A man pulled up behind us in a big pick up truck, Zach got out, and I overheard them talking.  He recognized Zach from a fishing forum he moderates online, and asked him if he was "mountain man".  Once again, I rolled my, these people recognized each other from pictures on a fishing forum!  I'm thankful he pulled us out of the ditch.  Too bad I don't remember his forum name, otherwise I could have posted him a nice message. 

So, the role of social media is great...and has come in very handy.  It has been a fun thing to get started with, and it will be exciting to see where it goes in the future.

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