Saturday, September 10, 2011


I had a few extra hours with the kids on Tuesday morning before work.  It was after the Labor Day holiday weekend, and it felt like a Monday.  The overcast sky directed us to wear pants and a long sleeved shirt that day.  The kids were up early, and everyone was dressed and organized by 8 AM.  I told the kids we would go out for a ride on their bikes, and they were happy. 

Since school was in session, we couldn't go to the nearby playground, so instead they rode bikes to the local church parking lot.  By the time we go there, it was really getting cloudy and cool.  While we were there, Brooks had a few crashes, I'm not for sure why.  He doesn't typically crash on his bike, but he was done riding.  It started to sprinkle, and I decided we better start heading home.  It could take forever to ride back.  I debated standing under the church eaves, but who knows how long the rain would last.  Just then, Zach pulls up on his bike to remind me that I forgot to keep the kids at home for their appointment.  Great, and I'm the one who harps on him when he forgets!  Luckily, the lady said she could reschedule for later in the morning if he called and confirmed that time slot.  So, I told him to ride home fast and give her a call so they wouldn't miss it that day.

I had Zach take Brooks's bike helmet, and I didn't think he'd want to carry his bike, or Brooks himself, home on his bike.  So, Adlyn was on her bike, riding, and I was carrying Brooks and his bike.  The rain continued to fall.  I kept thinking that Zach might actually ride his bike home and come back with the truck to pick us up.  No such luck.  Adlyn could care less that she was riding in the rain.  I think her helmet was doing a good job of keep her dry, and it has a bill on it which was even better.  Adlyn was her hokey-pokey self, and was in no hurry to ride fast to get home and out of the rain.  I was starting to get drenched, and Brooks was getting heavy, as was his bike.  Brooks continued to tell me, "No like."  He didn't like the rain, and just wanted to get home.  Once we made our turn to go up to our house, Zach appeared and carried Brooks and his bike the rest of the way.  I am sure it took Adlyn and I another 3 minutes to get to the house, at least. 

The whole time, I kept thinking someone might stop to give us a ride.  That didn't happen until we were at our property, and this old guy driving a car pulled up and asked if I had much farther to go.  Maybe the drenched hair and clothes were a clue I needed some extra help.  I told him we were at our house, and he waved and drove off.  Nice fellow.  We got inside, and I stripped the kids since their clothes were soaked.  Adlyn got her dry clothes on and warmed up quickly.  Brooks just wanted to snuggle in a blanket because he was shivering.  I really wanted him to get dressed because the lady would be arriving to our house any minute.  I managed to pull my soaked hair into a ponytail before she arrived.  She probably thought I just got out of the shower, at 10:45 in the morning. 

Well, the kids and I had an adventure.  Next time I'll stick closer to home when the gray clouds and looming above.

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