Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dance Dance

We were walking home from the park last weekend, the kiddos were being hokey-pokey, and I turned around to tell them to hurry up.  As I turned around, they had grabbed one another's hands, and were saying, "Dance, dance."  They would jump around in circles, dancing, and holding hands.  It was pretty adorable.  For that moment, the thought of me asking them to hurry up disappeared.  They were just being kids and were completely in the moment.  I told them they would have to show Dad their new trick when he got home.

Several times this week they have continued doing this.  Sometimes one of them will want to "Dance Dance" and the other one doesn't.  They have a little argument, and then they usually give in and do a little dance together.

I'm looking forward to catching them dancing on video.

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