Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Lesson in Diversity

Last month we were all at church one Sunday morning.  Brooks was being a jabber-box and I tried to get him to be quiet.  We were in the back pew, probably a good place for us to be on this particular morning.  Brooks was pointing to a dad a few rows ahead of us, and kept telling me, “No have hair,” in a giggly voice.  Yes, he was bald.  As was another man in Brooks’s site.  I was trying not to laugh myself, but I tried to remain serious as I whispered to him, “Brooks, some people have different types of hair.  Some people have no hair, some people have hair and it comes in many colors.”  I thought that would get him to be quiet.  Then, he told me, “No see green hair,” in a giggly voice.  I told him, “No, no one has green hair.”  He then told me, “Brooks see lots of poopie colored hair,” in a giggly voice.  Well, he is correct.  Once again, I’m glad we were in the last row. 

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