Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Water Park

This weekend we enjoyed an afternoon at the indoor water park in Rock Springs.  It was a wonderful facility!  I wish we had something like this in our town.

The pool had spray features for small kids, zero entry pool, hot tub, lazy river, and two water slides.  At first, the kids were reluctant.  The lifeguards required all non-swimmers to wear a life jacket.  Brooks wanted nothing to do with the life jacket.  Great.  All I could think was think that this 15 year old lifeguard will understand someday that you can't just put a life jacket on a kid, so please, stop glaring at me.  After a good 10 minutes, Brooks put it on.  They both enjoyed the spray features, but they were unsure about the rest of the water features.  I think it will be great thing to do with them in another year or two.  Adlyn came close to coming down the huge water slide with me.  Once she noticed it went into a tunnel, she got scared and bailed.  That was ok.  A little later, Brooks wanted to go down the slide.  We walked to the top of the stairs, hopped on the innertube, and down we went...scared to death...  I didn't like it one bit!  I thought the slide would be lit, or translucent as it went outside.  But, it wasn't.  It was pitch dark and scary.  I just wanted out.  Eventually, we splashed in the water and we were done.  Phew!  I'm not doing that again, and neither was Brooks.  I made Zach go down the slide, just to see how scary it was.  It was nice to have Grandma with us at the water park and she took lots of pictures of the kids playing.

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