Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lucky Girl

I think Adlyn is lucky.  Just, plain, lucky.  When we go to the Children’s Museum, they have this old whack-a-mole arcade game converted into a game where you throw these little bees into these flower holes.  Most kids can reach up and put it in the first row of holes.  If you can toss it higher, they go into the back row.  Adlyn frequently gets hers to go into the back holes, and I really don’t know how.  She doesn’t seem to be aiming, but they seem to go in. 

Yesterday, I was home for a quick lunch.  They have this mini basketball and Adlyn was trying to make a basket on the adult sized hoop on the garage.  I watched her a few times from the kitchen and she wasn’t doing too great.  I went outside, and she said, “Wa me.”  (This means ‘watch me’)  I watched her, and guess what, she makes a basket!  She was as shocked as I was.  She tried a few more times and made it again!  Then, she made a basket by going through the bottom and out the top!  Three baskets in a matter of a few minutes?  I think she is lucky.  Perhaps I should buy her a lottery ticket. 

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