Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Soft and Fuzzy

Adlyn must have sensitive skin.  She thinks that her cotton pillow case is scratchy, and she prefers to wrap her pillow with her ultra soft and fuzzy blanket.  This weekend, I enjoyed a trip to my favorite fabric store, A Little Country Character, in Green River.  What a great store!  Adlyn came with us and picked out her minky fabric so I could make her a pillow case.  She picked a circular pattern filled with the colors white, black, pink, and lime green.  Brooks selected a lime green minky with bulldozers on it.  It was a cute print.  With the help of Grandma, we completed our sewing project that evening, and the kids have enjoyed their pillows ever since! 

At the fabric store, we noticed a showcased project, Hot Frogs.  I can't wait to get the pattern to make some for the kids.  They were these really neat minky frogs filled with rice.  It could double as a stuffed animal and also a heating pad that can be placed in the microwave.  They were adorable!  I'm looking forward to working on this project with Grandma in the near future.  (Did I mention the kids thought the frogs were cute?  They enjoyed playing with the sample frog while we browsed the store.)

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