Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wrap 'Em Up!

A few weeks ago, Brooks took his Mega Blocks and made a fence.  Then, he placed his Little People animals inside.  It was pretty cute.  He came up with the idea all by himself.  I helped him and we added to his zoo by building more fences for the animals.  I thought he would put animals of a similar kind together, but he didn't care, he put a variety of animals together in any given fence.  Perhaps I am too structured. 

A little later, Adlyn joined us.  It was really cute as she placed the Little People cowboy/farmer in with the animals.  She told me the cowboy/farmer was going to, "Wrap 'em up!"  I think she meant to say, "Round 'em up!"  Either way, it made me laugh. 

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