Saturday, February 11, 2012

Plants Look So Sad

Last Saturday, we were playing in the front room.  Adlyn looked at my two house plants and said, “Mom, plants look so sad, need a drink of water.”  I looked at her awkwardly.  Do they really look that bad?  What an odd thing for a 3-year-old to say.  I water them on Sundays, but I told her we could water them today. 

Now, it all makes sense.  She didn’t think of that phrase on her own.  While watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Mickey’s Big Job) tonight with them, I realized Minnie Mouse says the exact same phrase, and they have to figure out how to water the flower to make it happy again.  So that’s where that came from.

Oh, and YouTube, I know the whole copyright thing, but honestly, did you really have to take off all the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes as of last week?  Do you know that little children are now limited to a choice of four episodes on the Disney Junior website?  When you don’t have TV, you get a little tired of listening to the same four cartoons over and over again. 

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