Saturday, February 11, 2012


Last weekend, I had the kids at the pool.  Adlyn jumped into the deep water all by herself, and loved getting her face and hair soaked.  She was having so much fun and she is such a little dare devil.  It was the first time that I thought to myself that they might be ready for swimming lessons this summer.  Brooks will jump in as well, but still wants me to catch him so he doesn’t get too wet.  Today, Adlyn jumped into the baby pool all by herself (maybe 2 feet deep).  She did great, and once she got the nerve to do it once, she did it over and over again.  Brooks was also jumping into the baby pool by himself.  He does a half spin during his jump, pretty fancy!  They also love the hot tub, and so do I.  By rotating between the three areas, we can keep entertained for a good hour or more. 

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