Tuesday, March 20, 2012

All Day, So Big

Brooks has been saying a few phrases on a regular basis the last few weeks.  They like to tell me that they are going to do something allllllll day, only because I tell them they can't.  For example, if they ask to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, they say they want to watch it allllll day.  They think it is pretty funny.

Also, Brooks likes to say that if he eats his supper, he will get sooooo big.  They also tell me that it isn't just their tummy that is full after they eat.  They also fill up their legs, their arms, their head, and their body. 

Brooks also wants to make people happy.  Today he drew a picture as a thank you for a gift he received from my co-worker.  As he gave me the picture, he said it would make her sooooo happy.

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