Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bike Park

Green River has an awesome bike park!

We had a great time this weekend with the kids and their Strider bikes.  My goal is to expose them to as many things as possible at a young age.  I figure the more we do this, the better.  If they are young, they don't have a sense of fear or being scared.  Maybe they'll like to ride at this bike park as they get bigger.  Zach has mentioned that if they had this type of bike park around when he was a kid, he would spend a lot of time there.  I think that most girls never ride bikes on ramps, etc., but hopefully Adlyn will continue to enjoy it as she gets older.

Our kids were the youngest ones in view, and I'm pretty sure Adlyn was the only girl at the bike park.  They enjoyed the rolling hills and the wooden bridges.  It was also fun for them to watch the big kids to tricks as well.  The kids and I can't wait to go to the bike park again.

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