Friday, March 23, 2012

Sticker Pic

A few weeks ago, I put Adlyn's picture up on the fridge.  It was basically scribbling done with marker on construction paper.  I came home for lunch one day and noticed her picture had been transformed!  Zach told me she stood at the fridge for about 45 minute that morning and placed these stickers on her paper, one by one.  She intricately peeled each sticker off the sticker sheet, and strategically placed it on her paper.  It is kind of pretty and she put a lot of time into it!  I haven't had the heart to put it in the recycle bin, so I've scanned it in so we'll have a copy of it for years to come. 

On that same day, they also placed a star sticker on the top of every one of their Matchbox cars.  Most of them are still there!

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