Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Field Trip

Brooks & Adlyn had their first field trip at preschool today.  Maybe if Zach and I had known they were going on a field trip I would have helped prepare them for this change in routine and I would have dressed them properly (but that is a different story). 

Yesterday at school they learned about farm animals.  They brought home a worksheet on pigs and they were very excited about it.  Adlyn made her pigs green and Brooks made his pigs red.  They also drew the tails on each pig.  Brooks also showed me on his picture a brown area.  He told me this was the mud.

Today, they got to go on a bus ride to a farm on the other side of town.  Based on what the kids told me, they only had pigs and sheep.  Adlyn didn't like the bus ride and cried a little, but it sounded like Brooks did well.  They told me they got to touch the animals and one of the animals was fed a bottle.

I hope preschool continues to go well.  They have made a lot of improvement over the past few months, and I have been pleased with their progress.

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