Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bad Dreams

This week Brooks woke up one night and was crying.  I went into his room to see what was wrong.  He was obviously having a bad dream, and I tried to calm him down.  I gathered that he was upset because someone turned off the TV before the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Dog Dance was done.  He really wanted to do the Hot Dog Dance!  Poor kid.  Now I know that he dreams about his favorite cartoon.

He had his two best days at school this week.  On Monday, he told me that he danced during class.  This is wonderful!  Typically, he likes to observe during school, but they said he has really been participating lately. 

Brooks has also become very friendly and has been saying "hi" and waving to random people.  I'm glad that he is starting to be less shy. 

A few weeks ago, Brooks was really grumpy, tired, and upset most of the time.  Zach and I have declared that stage as a growth spurt.  He is much better now and happy.  He's also been eating more and he seems to weigh a ton!  I haven't put him on the scale, but I think he is much bigger.

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