Monday, May 28, 2012

Bountiful Basket

This weekend we picked up our first Bountiful Basket.  The kids went with me and they had a lot of fun and helped carry some of the fruits and veggies back to the truck with me. 

We all tried lychee for the first time (imagine a spiky strawberry) and I can't say it was my favorite, but it wasn't horrible. 

Zach cracked a coconut for us this weekend.  He has had a real coconut before, but the rest of us have not.  It was labor intensive, but Zach's creation was wonderful!  He made frozen almond joy bars, and it might be my new favorite dessert.  The coconut milk was not very good, and the kids did not like it either.

We used two vanilla beans in our coffee cake today.  None of us have used a real vanilla bean before.  They smelled delicious!

We also ordered a case of blackberries which we washed and placed in baggies for use in our smoothies. 

Yesterday we cooked up a pork tenderloin with the carrots, onions, and orange peppers from our basket.  It was delicious. 

I cut up a cantaloupe for the kids, but they didn't like it.  I'm not a fan of it either, so Zach has a lot of cantaloupe to eat. 

Tonight, Adlyn was ready to eat the pineapple.  She sat on the counter to help and told me the pineapple was "all naked" after I trimmed off the outer skin.  What a silly kid!

On Saturday, both kids ate an entire carrot. 

Yesterday, we visited our neighbors, and they had abundance of lemons from their basket.  So, I combined her lemons with ours and made a fresh batch of lemonade.  We tried it today.  It was a little strong, but we liked it. 

The Bountiful Basket makes me feel like Iron Chef.  I'm given a basket of secret ingredients, and I have a week to figure out how to use them in the kitchen.  It is a fun challenge, and the kids liked the new items and the process of bringing them to the house.  During the rest of the week, we'll use the apples, bananas, oranges, and plantain.  Other than that, we made pretty good use of our items.  I'm not for sure what to do with an abundance of fresh mint, and luckily our neighbor likes tomatoes so we could get rid of ours.  We look forward to ordering another basket in a week or two.

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