Monday, May 28, 2012


Is there anything cuter than seeing two little kids at the park, making a train to go down the slide?  I don't think so!

In fact, it is so cute, I try not to smile or bring attention to it, for fear that they will stop doing it.  Brooks & Adlyn have conversations about how to do the train down the slide.  They talk about who is going to be the engine, and who is going to be the caboose (boosie).  The favorable spot is the caboose.  So, that is where the arguing typically takes place.  They have become creative, and smart!  Sometimes, one of them will volunteer to be the engine, but the catch is, the engine is in the back.  Just like on a real train, they have engines in the back.  By the time they get settled in, the person in the back is giving the person in the front a huge hug around the neck and is smiling so big they can't wait to go down the slide.  They scoot forward as a unit and then go, and they are giggling all the way down. 

I love watching them do this, and I hope they will continue for a few more years.

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