Monday, May 21, 2012

Water Day

The kids only have one more day of preschool!  This semester went fast.  Today they enjoyed water day, and both kids were very excited to go to school.  They got to bring their swimsuits and towels to enjoy the sprinklers, bubbles, and water features.  It was also exciting to eat their snacks outside on the picnic tables.  They told me that they got a little cold this morning, but they took a little nap on their towels in the sun.  I'm sure that was cute!  I'm glad it was 65 degrees when I dropped them off this morning.  I was hoping it would be a warm morning.

Miss Pam told me that Adlyn has never smiled as much this year as she did today.  Wow!  That was a great compliment.  She must of had a lot of fun at school.  I'm just sad she just got this compliment today, when we only have one day left.  Tomorrow is supposed to be another 'fun day' and the next day, we'll be having a school picnic. 

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