Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dentist 2.0

Last month the kiddos had their second visit to the dentist.  Zach and I were nearly speechless at the end of the experience, it couldn't have gone better!

Dentist 1.0 - Our first trip to the Dentist

Dentist 2.0
A&B were excited to play with the toys and read the Berenstein Bear's dentist book in the waiting room.  The fish tank was also a highlight, along with the waterfall feature on the wall.  Brooks was starting to get his shirt all wet as he was mesmerized by touching the feature. 

It was time to go back to the room and both kids froze.  Yikes, this isn't good.  Luckily, Adlyn is the brave one and she headed back to watch the movie where the puppies go to the dentist.  Zach continued to coax Brooks to the back.  Eventually, he came and watched the movie. 

Although the kids didn't sit in the chair, they were perfect.  I was so proud of them!  Adlyn went first, not to our surprise.  Both of them got all of their teeth cleaned, polished, and flossed!  They continued to do well as the dentist came in to take a look in their mouth. 

To wrap things up, the hygienist brushed on a fluoride treatment.  Brooks was adorable!  He asked the lady if she was going to paint his teeth different colors. 

I contribute the success of our event to the wonderful hygienist, who is also a mom of young children.  She was very patient, calm, and kind.  Our kids responded to her very well.  She did a much better job than the last hygienist we had. 

At the end, they each got to pick out a toothbrush and two prizes from the treasure box.  Brooks quickly decided to pick out two little cars, one for him and one for Dad.  He wanted to play cars with dad upon return from the dentist.  Adlyn couldn't decide.  Finally, she picked a sticky hand and a car.  Then, she could play cars with the boys.

Good work Brooks & Adlyn!  You have made your Mom and Dad very proud!

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