Monday, May 14, 2012


Today the kids took a trip to the green house during preschool.  Adlyn called it the flower house.  It sounds like they had a great time, and they each brought home purple pansies.

Last week they planted flowers for me at school.  The yellow and purple pansies were very pretty, and they were proud of their project.  One night, Adlyn picked every single pansy off of her tiny plant and gave them to me.  Thanks, Adlyn, but I hope the little plant doesn't die!  Surprisingly, the plant had a few flowers on it two days later!

We also have our garlic planted and it has started to come up through the dirt.  The kids are very helpful when it comes to watering the plants. 

Today, we also released the ladybugs that have been hibernating in the fridge.  I think Brooks thought his were dead, but I'm sure they will warm up and start moving soon.  Either way, they are now placed on some beautiful pansies!

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