Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Good Job

Adlyn has been telling Brooks and I 'good job' this past week.  It is cute to hear her praise other people. 

Last week, we were outside playing, and I told Brooks & Adlyn that I was going inside to switch the laundry and do some dishes.  She told me, "Good job Mom."  I laughed and said, "Thanks Adlyn!"  What a goof!  But, it did give me some motivation to do the household chores!

I've heard her tell Brooks 'good job' for finishing his breakfast or snack.  Tonight she mentioned it to him while they were playing.  I'm glad to see her do this because she has really been tormenting her brother this past week.  She's either calling him "Bookie", scratching him (today she scratched the skin by his eye), or chasing him around while she pretends her hand is a snapping alligator.

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