Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

I've had two people tell me this week that Brooks and Adlyn are spitting images of Zach and I in regards to our looks and demeanor.  Strange they should mention that, because I have also noticed the same thing.

The older Adlyn gets, I have noticed that our personalities are more alike.  Zach mentioned to me last week that Adlyn is strong willed and stubborn, just like her mom, and she also does as she as told and is compliant, even though she doesn't want to.  I'd have to agree!  I also think we look a lot alike.

I also had someone notice our family this week when we were out for an ice cream date.  He told me this week that once Brooks loses some of the baby fat on of his cheeks, he will have the same angular face that Zach has.  I also had another individual mention that Brooks is very laid back, just like Zach.  She also mentioned that she thinks Brooks has an eye and appreciation for color, just as Zach does.

It is interesting to see their personalities develop as they get bigger.  As babies, they had the exact opposite personalities that they do now.  I attribute it for the time they spent in the hospital.  As small babies, Brooks was always first in the NICU.  He had his cares first, and Adlyn was conditioned to wait for her turn.  Once I brought them home, Brooks continued to be demanding, and Adlyn was ultra-relaxed and I had to rely on her patience to help Brooks.  Once they started to crawl, Brooks was always in the lead.  Adlyn followed him wherever he went.  Then, they turned one.  I think Adlyn determined this was not the lifestyle she liked!  So, she became a little more demanding, and Brooks took a back seat role.  Even now, Adlyn is always brave enough to go first on any new adventure.  Brooks will watch and observe her actions, and then he will join in.

I'm excited to see them grow and change in the years to come!

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