Wednesday, November 2, 2011


For being two years old, I have to say that Brooks and Adlyn do their fair share around the house when it comes to chores.  Over the past year, they have been helping with all sorts of tasks, and are more than happy to do so!  They help unload the dishwasher, and to date, they haven't dropped a single plate or glass!  Sometimes they will even pick up all of the forks, or spoons, and have them sorted before they hand them to me to put away.  It makes unloading the dishwasher much more fun.

They are also good at pushing the diamond shaped button two times to make the laundry get started in the washer.  Adlyn tries very hard to help me fold clothes.  It makes me laugh, because I know she is trying to do exactly what I am doing.  She'll grab a piece of clothing, shake it to get out the wrinkles and to straighten it out, and then she tries to fold it, but it is more like wadding it up!  I try to fold clothes very fast to keep ahead of her so I can announce to her that we are all done.  They love to ride in the laundry basket with the clean clothes from the laundry room to upstairs.  Zach has to do that because there is no way I can carry them both like that! 

Every weekend, we clean the bathroom.  They are excellent helpers.  Their skills are very good when it comes to cleaning the mirrors.  I put on the 'spray' and they each get an old sock to clean the mirrors.  They are very good at it, and I rarely have to do any touchups these days.  They also argue over who gets to scrub the 'pobby'.  I don't mind one bit!  While I clean the sink, countertops, tile, tub, shower, all I have to do is patrol whose turn it is and encourage them to switch every once in a while.  Towards the end, I do some final scrubbing and it's done!

I really appreciate all their help!  They also like to help vacuum, and they like to have their own turn to vacuum the floors.  If they aren't helping with the actual vacuuming, then they are making it into a game.  They like to pretend that I'm chasing them with the vacuum, and they don't want it to get their feet. 

I hope this trend continues over the years to come.  But until then, we'll continue to make it fun and I'll enjoy all the help I can get.

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