Sunday, November 27, 2011

Look at me! Watch me!

We have entered a stage where the kids want us to watch them do something, anything, no matter how big, or small, it might be.

Adlyn enjoys saying, "Wa-me".  (Watch me!)  She might do a little jig, or show us a new spin, or something like that.  I also think it is hilarious that when we are driving, she will say over and over, "Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad," trying to get his attention.  Zach can say, "What?" after each request, and she keeps badgering him.  She really wants him to look at her, even though he is driving.  Eventually, he'll turn back to look at her and she'll usually respond with, "Hi."  I just laugh while sitting in the passenger seat!

Brooks also likes to get our attention.  You'll find them coming up to you if you are sitting somewhere and grabbing your head to turn it in the direction they want you to look.  It makes me chuckle even writing this. 

I'm glad to see them using more and more words!

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