Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It Must Have Been a Twin Day

Today I took the kids to story time at the library and we stayed late as we waited for Zach to come back and pick us up.  As we were getting ready to check out our books, a mom came in with boy/girl twins that were ten weeks old.  It was so neat to see!  (I am so glad we are past that stage!)  As I told her that we have boy/girl twins, another mom chimed in.  She was there with a little kid who was about Brooks and Adlyn's age.  She said she met Zach and the kids at the park a few weeks ago, and she has boy/girl twins that are in Kindergarten. 

What a small world!  What a small town!  Really, what are the chances that three moms with boy/girl twins would all be at the library at the same time? 

I gave my blog link to the mom with the Kindergarten twins.  If you read this, would you mind emailing me?  I wouldn't mind talking to you more about raising twins.  I should have captured your information earlier today. 

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