Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's a Clothes Hanger, It's a Hunting Bow!

The kids are getting to the age where they repeat common phrases that Zach and I say in a very similar tone.  Zach must say, "I'm taking ____ hunting," on a regular basis, because the kids say it a lot.  They pick some random object in the house, and haul it to another room to play with it, and if I ask them what they are doing, they respond with, "Take hunting."  Ok, whatever you say!

(I'll sidetrack slightly to tell you about the phrase of mine they repeated this weekend.  We were at the back door getting ready to go somewhere, and Brooks said, "Right now!" in a demanding and loud tone.  Yikes, maybe I do say that, and I'll work on stopping.)

I don't know how or when it even got started, but they will grab a clothes hanger from the closet and pretend it is their hunting bow.  You know, if you turn it on its side, it really does look like a bow.  So, they go around the house and shoot imaginary objects. 

They will also take two clothes hangers and put their feet in the middle on the hanger while standing, and hold onto the hook, and pretend they are skis or skates while going around the house. 

I really do think our kids are creative.  They don't play with their toys a lot, but they prefer household objects.  Over the past few weeks, they have emptied out an area in a closet downstairs that is layered with shelves.  The bottom area is a few feet tall, and it a perfect little area for them.  They call it their clubhouse and the other day I noticed they had hauled down one of my pillows and a blanket to put in their space. 

I can't wait to see what they come up with next!

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