Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Big Buns, Part 2

You may remember an earlier posting about Big Buns back in September.  To quickly recap, Adlyn told me I have big buns, therefore I won't fall into the toilet.  Thanks Adlyn, that makes me feel really good!

I shouldn't even write this story, but I will.  Zach and I have been talking over the past few weeks that we feel the kids are thinking a thought in their head, and we know what it is, and how we hope and pray they won't say it.  Well, last week, Brooks said it.  We were outside in the front yard playing and the mailman came by.  It is a highlight of their day.  Shortly thereafter, one of the neighbors came out to get their mail.  She turned to go back towards her house, and Brooks said, "Big buns!"  Ugh!  How embarrassing!  Luckily, the lady did hear him, but what if she did?  How are you supposed to recover from that situation?  I guess you don't!  I guess this is only the beginning of comments that I will have to apologize for in the next few years.

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