Sunday, November 27, 2011

O Christmas Tree

The tree is up!  Brooks has been excited for several weeks to put up the tree.  The hardware store had their trees up early this year, and he has been asking me about when we'll be putting up our tree.  Last Sunday he woke up and the first thing he said, with a sad face, was, "No Christmas tree yet." 

We put the train around the tree and both of the kids were very helpful at putting the ornaments on.  They hung most of them down low where they could reach and move them around.  I put the breakable ones up towards the top. 

Last night, after church, we walked to the front to see the Advent wreath.  Brooks called it a circle tree and told me he wanted to make one of those.  It was cute!

Both Adlyn and Brooks say Christmas quite adorable.  It kind of sounds like "Kif-ma".  I haven't initiated a single discussion about Santa, but they learned about it from a cartoon called Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Choo Choo Express.  I'm glad they are still too young to ask for anything at Christmas! 

We also set up the Little People nativity scene today...all went well except I can't find Baby Jesus.  Yes, I know that is a problem.  I remember I put it somewhere last Christmas because they kept playing with it, and at one point in time we thought it got flushed down the toilet.  We found it shortly after and I put it somewhere special so it wouldn't get lost.  Now, if I could only remember where that least I have about a month to find it.

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