Tuesday, November 1, 2011


What a perfect Halloween!  The weather was spectacular, compared to the snow we had today.  The kids were so excited and loved every minute of it.

To prepare for Halloween this month, we visited the pumpkin patch in Grandma and Grandpa's town and celebrated Zach's birthday.  We have been busy sewing costumes.  This year the kids were "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" from Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss.  Brooks and Adlyn enjoyed making funny and crazy hats with mom.  I finished up the logo on their sweatshirt over the course of a few days while the kids and Zach were at Grandma's.  This weekend I finalized the costume by making an upside Cat in the Hat hat.  This weekend they helped Zach carve a pumpkin, and it was artistic, which was to be expected! 

Yesterday we enjoyed Trick or Treat on Main Street, along with 1,000+ other kids in costumes.  Then, we went to visit some friends and neighbors.  We wrapped up the evening by going to our previous babysitter's church for a festival.  The kids loved the elephant game again this year.  They would feed an elephant a peanut, and a treat would come out of its trunk.  Adlyn even wanted her face painted by Andrea.  She decided she wanted a "tinkle are" (twinkle star) on both of her cheeks.  Then Brooks wanted a turtle on his hand, and then Adlyn wanted a turtle.  Then, Adlyn wanted a black cat on her hand, and so did Brooks.  Then, Brooks wanted a choo choo train, as did Adlyn.  Then, we decided to give Andrea a rest!  The kids had so much fun yesterday, and they were busy for 4+ hours.  Not once did they get grumpy or argue!  Brooks didn't want to wear his costume initially, but once Zach brought him downtown and he saw all the kids, he didn't put up a fight to put it on. 

Now...what should I sew for 2012?  My only fear is that they will be three years old, and will have a mind of their own!  This is probably the end of getting to pick out their costumes for them.

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